Eight Earthy Nights


While some are calling this year’s festival of lights “Jew Year’s Eve-ukkah,” here at Ekar we like to turn this week of celebration into a calling for us to get earthy. Even though it’s cold and snowy, we can bring the farm and its intentions of tending the land into our homes during Chanukah–a time to praise the earthy element of fire!

Check out a possible schedule of activities and discussions to bring into your home this Chanukah:

Night #1: Standing Rock Saturday, December 24th

Night #2: Solar Sunday, December 25th

Night #3: Meatless Monday, December 26th

Night #4: Tzedakah Tuesday, December 27th

Night#5: Wormy Wednesday, December 28th

Night#6: Thermal Thursday, December 29th

Night #7: Farm Fresh Friday, December 30th

Night #8: Shmitah Saturday, December 31st


Happy Chanukah! May it be earthier than ever!

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