Ekar’s Jewish-Centered Curriculum


Thanks to a Hazon Mini-Grant, we are able to provide JOFEE programs for synagogues, Jewish day schools, youth groups, and more at a more affordable cost. The information below gives a preview of Ekar Farm’s Jewish educational offerings for Spring 2018 (JOFEE Lesson Menu) and details about our JOFEE Incentive Fund. We can conduct these programs in your classroom, garden, or on our farm (depending on the season). The undercurrents of our Jewish lessons will include Tzedakah (justice) and Shomrei Adamah (guardians of the earth). If you are interested in scheduling an Ekar Educator to provide lessons or projects on the following topics for your students in grades K-12, please complete our online form below after reviewing the topics we offer. We are flexible and happy to adapt our programming to meet the needs of your students, curriculum, and objectives! If you have any questions or want more details about the offerings below, contact Margot Sands (Ekar’s Lead Educator) at margot@ekarfarm.org.

What is JOFEE? JOFEE stands for Jewish, Outdoor, Food/Farming, & Environmental Education. JOFEE experiences connect people to Judaism, community, and the natural world through hands-on, thoughtful, and engaging Jewish programming across ages, backgrounds, and religious approaches. Ekar Farm is one of Denver’s leading JOFEE organizations.

What is Ekar’s JOFEE Incentive Fund? Thanks to a mini-grant from Hazon, Ekar has created the JOFEE Incentive Fund to provide more meaningful JOFEE programs to the community at a low-to-no cost. This fund offers:


Tu B’Shevat – Celebrate the birthday of the trees by embodying the tree life cycle, tasting a variety of tree fruits, and learning about the Torah’s seven species. (January / February)

Passover – Connect the story of the Jewish people’s liberation from Egypt to a seed’s journey of liberation during spring planting. (March / April)

*Shavuot – Churn butter, mill wheat, and explore the agricultural roots of counting the Omer. (April / May / June)

*Rosh Hashanah – Students discover the season connection of dipping apples in honey by learning about how bees make honey and are essential to growing food. (August / September)

*Sukkot – Where better to experience Sukkot than on a Jewish farm?! Harvest fall crops, experiment with local Lulav & Etrog options, and enjoy a farm fresh Sukkot snack. (September / October)

*These program options can be hosted on the farm during the active growing season.

JOFEE Program Request Form

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