Adult Education


Join Farmer Jay at Ekar Farm’s teaching plot this summer for a four part “Grow Your Own” class series. This beginner gardeners class series will explore small scale gardening methods and practices that will ensure a productive garden all Summer long. Come on out and learn the basics behind soil improvEkar, Grow Your Own, 2014ement, irrigation, fertilizing, harvesting and much more!


Ekar Farm will host a Garden Class Series consisting of four classes one in each season at our wonderful teaching plot. Ranging from Spring time garden maintenance to Fall canning projects we will explore small scale gardening methods and practices that will ensure a productive and bountiful garden. Students will get an opportunity to gain hands on experience in all gardening techniques including soil remediation, irrigation, garden plot selection, fertilizing, organic mulching, harvesting and worm composting. We will host pointed and insightful discussions on organic pest control, storing and drying food, winter storage crops, backyard beekeeping and many other important garden practices. Join Ekar Farm for our four season Garden Class series to learn everything you need to know about backyard organic gardening.

May 25, 5:30-7pm – Spring, Class 1

Preparing Your Garden: Plot Selection, Soil Work, Planting and Irrigation

Lesson Objectives: To gain knowledge on garden plot selection by discussing the angle of the sun in relation to plot, soil properties, and other factors that may affect growing conditions. To receive hands on experience in amending soil at a small scale, tilling, and planting a garden.

July 23, 5:30-7pm – Summer, Class 2

Garden Maintenance: Trellising, Cultivating, Fertilizing, Mulching and Pest Control

Lesson Objectives: To develop understanding of organic pest control techniques and mitigation strategies including companion planting, DIY organic pesticide formulas and other pest control strategies (rotation, organic pesticides, etc.). To gain hands on experience in trellising tomatoes and pole beans, fertilization techniques, cultivating, and utilizing organic mulches.

September 3, 5:30-7pm – Fall, Class 3

Harvesting Your Garden: Harvesting, Washing, Drying, Preserving and Canning

Lesson Objective: To gain experience in harvesting vegetables, washing vegetables, canning and other preservation techniques. To develop understanding of drying herbs, storing harvested food and different canning/long term storage methods.

October 1, 5:30-7pm – Fall/Winter, Class 4

Fall Projects: Garlic Planting, Winter Storage Crops, Clean Up, Winter Soil Preparation and Worm Composting

Lesson Objective: To gain experience in planting garlic, late season soil amendments and cold weather soil preparation, at home worm composting, and cleaning up a garden space. To develop an understanding of late season storage crop varieties, how to store them, and why it is a good idea to grow food for storage.