Rosh Hashannah: Returning to the Earth

Although Rosh Hashannah appears on the Jewish calendar a bit later this year, there’s no time like the present to start talking about one of most celebrated Jewish holidays.

As the fall season begins and brings a freshness of crisp air to our lives, so will Rosh Hashannah refresh the spirit of our community and individual souls. Our Jewish calendar intuitively follows these seasons and fosters a deep connection to the earthly cycles. Growing up with the traditional apples and honey treat, I have never realized how these tasty treats are ripe and ready to harvest just as Rosh Hashannah arrives.


Of course not! This is Judaism, so there is meaning and intention behind it ALL!

As a people with agrarian roots, we choose seasonal, accessible foods to celebrate. Thus, when it’s time to go through the orchard and pick sweet apples, we make it into our sweetness of the new year. And when the honey is flowing out of our bee hives we make it into the antibacterial frosting on this yearly sweetness to toast our health and best wishes for all our friends and family. We are a resourceful and logical community that utilizes our surroundings to everyone’s benefit.

This logic and connection to our seasonal foods is an important reminder and opportunity to return to our roots during a time of major disconnect from our food. Especially when some of us grow up in an environment without all four seasons (like my Arizonian self), we might not even recognize apples as a fall fruit. This is all thanks to the globalization of our food system that allows us to buy apples all year long from the supermarket.

Let our Jewish traditions not only feed our sweet tooth and spiritual redemption, but be an opportunity to reconnect with the earth through the seasonality of our food.

Other than simply eating our apples and honey to remind us of the seasons and cycles of the earth, come experience on the farm with the whole family! On September 11th, we’ll have an early Rosh Hashannah celebration at our annual Honey & Tzedakah Harvest. More information and pre-registration can be found here!

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