Seeds of the Diaspora

We are in a blurred season of late winter and early spring as our warm, sunny Denver days persist. During these unpredictable weather patterns, we still get our garden started by planting seeds indoors, in a controlled setting, somewhat removed  from the elements. We use caution to ensure the survival of our plants.

Yet, seeds are just as persistent as the heat of the sun.

Seeds have evolved to protect themselves from any danger that may cross their path along their journey from fruit to soil, continuing the reproductive line of their parent plant. When I imagine the varied ways seeds disperse–by air, by gravity, by animal, by water–I can’t help by be amazed by their ingenuity and flexibility of survival.

Jews are the seeds of the Diaspora. 

The word “Diaspora” sheds direct light on this analogy. “Dia” is the Greek root meaning “across” or “through.” The Latin root of “spora” can literally mean “seed” or a living organism with “spore” qualities. When we calculate these meanings, the Diaspora we ascribe to Jews equals the spreading of life across the world–the same function as seeds. Jews and the Jewish cultured have persisted all over the globe due to our ability to protect our traditions and adapt them to our environments. We have survived through our differences and awareness of timing. Seeds utilize environmental queues like temperature, rainfall, heat, and sunlight to know when to germinate, or sprout.  Jews have similarly fostered an intuition to know when to grow fully or remain dormant depending on political, social, or economic climates. Rather than feeling ashamed of these moments in our history, we can look to this as a survival tactic that has permitted our on-going existence.

Celebrate our generations of seeds this Jewish month of Adar.

Let this imagery of hope, sustenance, and spreading of growth be an inspiration for welcoming in the month of happiness, Adar. Cultivate gratitude for the ability to still grow through our traditions and the vast resource we have among Jews of the Diaspora.


Some ways you can celebrate seeds and Judaism this month with Ekar Farm are:

Seed to Table Food Conference at the Boulder JCC

Sunday, March 19th, 9:30am – 3:30pm

7th Annual Seed Swap at The Growhaus

Saturday, March 11th, 10am – 6pm


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