Community Testimonials

Ondalee Kline, President of Kavod Senior Living Resident Council   

“Another year of fresh organic vegetables for our senior residents here at Kavod Senior Life. We always look forward to receiving this wonderful gift that helps us to live healthier and certainly helps to expand our limited food dollars. Every week we look forward the “surprises” that we receive from Ekar Farm. Many of us have had our own personal gardens over the years and we all know the work that it takes to keep this fabulous produce and fruit to reach those who have such a great need. We appreciate you so much. Thank you again.”


Rabbi Michael Sunshine, Camp Maayan Director

“For each of the past 4 summers, Camp Maayan campers have been very fortunate to learn and live Mitzvot relating to farming, harvesting, and providing for the poor.  Ekar is an integral part of Camp Maayan’s programming and curriculum and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.” 


Rita Dahlke, Assistant Principal/Librarian, Temple Emanuel

 “When teaching about Mitzvot and Jewish values it is always more meaningful and relevant when we have an organization to partner with that can provide the hands-on element.  Ekar Farm has worked on creating educational and fun programs for all ages in our community and fostered relationships with the community at large. We have developed a relationship with the farm on many levels. The second grade learns about farming and feeding the hungry. Fourth grade learns about the Jewish value of caring for the earth and the connection to the Shalosh Regalim. The eighth grade provides man power and learns what it feels like to be part of a community project that helps the community at large. Mitzvah Day and community bike rides all connect our Temple members to the Farm.  Ekar farm has been a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and the Jewish community.”  

Shirley Gien, DJDS 1st grade parent 

“Ekar is invaluable to the Denver community. I observed their impact firsthand with their work with the 1st grade class at DJDS last year.  Each month someone from Ekar visited the classroom, facilitating lively discussions about Jewish values such as tzedakkah, tikkun olam, and shomrei adamah. To top the year off, they graciously hosted a field trip for our kids to plant seeds, see bees hard at work, and even pull weeds.  


Throughout the year together, the kids were very moved to see how every one of us can play a part in fixing the world (“tikkun olam”).  They were amazed to learn that extra space on the farm, and extra food that grows there, is provided for people in our community who otherwise may go without.  In a time when so many children think food comes from grocery stores and restaurants, Ekar gives kids in our community an opportunity to learn the value of water, earth, and hard working people in making sure we always have enough healthy food to go around, lessons all of us can learn!”  


Shelly Hines, Director, Family Safety Net Department, Jewish Family Service of Colorado

“The fresh produce we receive from EKAR is much fresher than the produce our community grocery partners are able to provide.  We know what crops will be donated and are able to use the produce in our cooking demonstrations, designed to help our clients prepare nutritious meals.  Our families especially enjoy the cucumbers and tomatoes.  The donations from EKAR are a tremendous help to the low-income families we serve and we appreciate the partnership very much.” 

Sarah Kornhauser, Denver Director, Hazon

“Ekar is a strong asset to our Colorado Jewish community, and a key partner for Hazon in growing a strong JOFEE movement.  Through Ekar’s programs, our community has the unique opportunity to put their hands in the dirt, connect that experience to their Jewish tradition, and connect with other individuals with shared interests. The Jewish Food movement is brought to life at Ekar “   


Rabbi Brian Field, Judaism Your Way

“How cool it is for the Denver Jewish community to have its own urban Jewish organic farm!?!  Judaism Your Way has been privileged to partner with Ekar for several years.  Ekar has played major roles at JYW’s community Passover Seder and the children’s services at our High Holy Days.  This year Judaism Your Way was delighted to provide a creative family activity at Ekar’s Sukkot festival.  Later this winter, Ekar will be providing a food and hunger curriculum for our Open Tent Bnai Mitzvah program.  We are looking forward to more opportunities to collaborate with Ekar in the future.
Ekar is one of the Jewish community’s most creative and inclusive organizations.  I have observed participants in Ekar activities from the widest range of Jewish practice and observance and for people of all ages.  Ekar offers a welcoming Jewish address for unaffiliated Jews who are passionate about gardening and organic farming and at the same time provides opportunities for affiliated Jews to connect to Judaism through agriculture, the seasons and the earth.  In a way that no other Jewish organization can offer, Ekar gives its participants a deep experience of place.
Here in Denver are many examples of a new form of Jewish expression and organization.  And right at the top of the list, I lift up Ekar.”