Ekar’s Tu B’shvat Salad

kale salad

Get ready for one of Ekar’s favorite, earth-based Jewish holidays: Tu B’svhat! To celebrate the fruits of all the world’s finest trees, enjoy a festive, delicious, and nutritious salad recipe below. This salad highlights the following types of fruits you might find personal and spiritual connections to:

-Hard exterior and interior (nuts)

-Soft exterior and hard interior (no or a thin peel, fruits with pits inside)

-Soft exterior and interior (no or a thin peel, fruits without pits)

-Soft interior and hard exterior (fruits without pits, thick peel/rind)


Click here for a deeper reflection about these types of fruits and how they might relate to yourself, others, and Judaism. 

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Ekar’s Tu B’shvat Salad



Toss all of the prepared ingredients in the bowl. Adjust the dressing ingredients (lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper) to your liking. The proportions are there for just a beginning, light dressing.



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